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San Jose Tree Trimming Services by Arbortek Trees

All homeowners are faced with a decision when it comes to the health and aesthetics of the trees on your property. How do you know when it is time to trim the tree? Remove the tree? And when to call an expert for help?

But DIY tree trimming can be risky – to the homeowner, the tree itself, and surrounding structures and plant life.

How do you know when to call in San Jose’s expert providers of tree trimming services?

  • Portions of a tree are beginning to look unbalanced, and branches are breaking.
  • A tree is overwrought with disease or harboring unwanted insects.
  • A tree is leaning tree perilously close to a structure.
  • Portions of a tree are beginning to look unbalanced, and branches are breaking.

All of these instances will require a tree trimmed significantly (in some cases, removed altogether). Tasks as such are best addressed by professionals with experience in the science and art of tree trimming.  Arbortek’s certified arborists know when to trim and significantly cut tree branches, and how to trim in a way that ensures both the health and beauty of the trees.

Avoid the hassles and stress of tree trimming and tree removal – call the experts! We are locally owned and operated, fully insured and licensed, and well-established in the San Jose community.

The San Jose and Santa Clara residential communities have trusted the certified arborists at Arbortek with their residential and commercial tree trimming service for over 3 decades.

As for business properties, whether you represent an industrial park, individual company, multi-tenant shopping center, or work with government and municipalities, you know that trees are an important natural resource and add tremendous aesthetics and curb appeal. You also know that not just any commercial tree trimming service will do.

Arbortek fully understands that trees are assets to your property, and that maintaining tree and shrub health is a very important part of protecting those assets.

We offer Tree Trimming Services to the following areas:

San Jose
Santa Clara
Mountain View
Palo Alto
Los Altos Hills
Willow Glen
Los Gatos

Arbortek Trees provides professional tree care service for  properties all across San Jose, offering our customers comprehensive tree services including pruning, tree and shrub planting, cabling and bracing, tree inspections, risk analysis, insect and disease management, and when needed, tree removal. If it relates to trees on your property, we can handle it!

We pride ourselves not only on our extensive arborist knowledge, safe operating procedures, and fully trained employees, but in our diligent and friendly customer service. We’re confident that we are providing the best in tree technology and equipment for our tree service clients, as well as serving as a trusted partner in the future of your property. We will work every day to ensure the proper growth and longevity of your investment.

When you contact us, a certified Arbortek arborist will return your call within 24 hours to answer your questions or schedule a complimentary consultation. Please call us today and begin protecting and preserving your tree investment!

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