Tree Inventories

Tree Inventories


San Jose Tree Inventories

Tree inventories are essential in managing properties with an abundance of trees. Bay Area HOA’s, commercial properties, and city and county parks have the daunting task of caring for numerous trees and administering preventive care to keep the landscape healthy and abundant. How does one manage such a large number of trees?

Tree inventories are a common and suggested practice for any property managing multiple tree species and quantities. A tree inventory is a process completed by a certified arborist that determines number of trees, species, size, overcrowding situations, soil types, root space, and overall condition of health.

The purpose of a tree inventory is to design the correct maintenance patterns for the trees, plan for future growth, and identify possible problems. In a crowded forest or a beautifully designed neighborhood, an untrained eye may not properly diagnose insect infestations, tree disease, cracked limbs, leaning trees, or other potentially hazardous tree conditions and proximities.

If your property – residential, HOA community, or commercial – has 10+ trees, a tree inventory is suggested by ISA standards. Don’t wait until one tree can cause headache for an entire property. Contact us today.

We serve the following areas for Tree Inspection Services:

  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Cupertino
  • Sunnyvale
  • Mountain View
  • Campbell
  • Palo Alto
  • Los Altos Hills
  • Loyola
  • Willow Glen
  • Milpitas
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