Tree & Shrub Planting

tree and shrub planting

San Jose Tree and Shrub Planting

Our San Jose area landscapes come in many shapes and sizes, from completely barren to simply in need of fine-tuning.

Planting trees and shrubs is an effective and often cost-efficient way to beautify almost any landscape, providing shade and cooling during summer months and protection from the elements in winter months. In addition to the aesthetic benefits and curb appeal, trees and shrubs offer several important environmental benefits – and, as they mature, can even add significant value to residential and commercial properties.

However, extra care must always be used when planting trees and shrubs, as it is much more difficult to remove or replace a tree once it has matured. Planting them correctly can help to ensure that your trees and shrubs will get a healthy start and provide shade, beauty, and many other benefits for years – even decades – to come.

Arbortek’s skilled, certified arborists are experts in both tree and shrub planting. They are highly experienced in working with the climate of Northern California, and provide tree and shrub planting services for clients across San Jose and Santa Clara County. Our professionals use new technology and refined skills to determine the tree and shrub types and quantities that are best-suited for your property. Arbortek Trees has years of experience with residential and commercial tree planting projects, which has afforded us the knowledge to understand our clients’ landscaping needs when selecting new trees and shrubs, from start to finish of the planting process.

The first step is selecting the appropriate trees and shrubs for the climate and soil type. We will then complete an inventory of the property, taking into consideration the proximity to structures. We’ll also talk to you about your personal taste and goals for your landscape before we select any tree or shrub.

Proper tree planting is a vital step in ensuring the healthy, successful growth of your trees and shrubs. Our arborists employ extreme care when planting, so you can rest assured you are starting your tree off right.

We serve the following areas with Tree (and Shrub) Planting Services:

  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Cupertino
  • Sunnyvale
  • Mountain View
  • Campbell
  • Palo Alto
  • Los Altos Hills
  • Loyola
  • Willow Glen
  • Milpitas
  • Los Gatos

For more information on scheduling an Arbortek specialist to complete a tree inventory, please complete the online form or call us at 408-288-2942.